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Interview with Kazha (15.09.2009)

04/03/2010 17:54
Thank you Kazha for your free time on this interview!

1. For a start... you tell us something about your band... ^^

-We are Japanese who does rock band. We don't really call us as "J-rock" because we started in USA and we don't want to separate us from other countries. -

2. You are known band to the many parts of the world but... What were your beginnings in the world of music??? What was your onset of the music scene?

-Just wanted to express what I have.^^ Music is a life it self and singing is just like breathing.-

3. Was it your dream always to base band and move on the music scene?

-Yes, I was a solo singer before but I always wanted be in a band.-

4. Why did you chose this style of music? Who gave you motivation to play?

-Every members gathered from different genres as classic, metal, electric, R&B.... so we convine every style of music we have.
Each members are great musicians so I think that we give motivation each other.-

5. Why did you name the band decided Kazha?

-It is my name. Maybe because I was the reason to start this band...^^-

6. And what about you and concerts? would you like to play in Czech Republic?  Where everywhere you would like to play in the future? Do you have some dreamt-of city where you didn't have a concert and you would like to play in the future? The first time you performed in front of an audience (when / where)

-Love to perform in every single countries in the world!^^
Myself, first time I performed was 1996 in America...when I was very young.
With this new band, it was in Japan, just a month ago!^^-

7. What influences you in your music and in your personal life?


-Family, friends and fans. There are no reason to do music without them.-

8. How old were you when you first played an instrument/wrote a song?

-I was 4 when I first sing and played piano.
And I was 15 when I first wrote a song.-

9. When making music, what's your #1 outstanding point?

-Melody, easy to remember ^^-

10. What means for you your instruments?

-It's just like breathing.-

11. If you could describe your fellow band members in one word what would it be? 

-war buddy-

12. Who is your rival in the band?

-Hideki(the guitar)-

13. If you could be another member for one day, who would you choose? (reason)

-Hideki(the guitar)  Because lots of girls go after him! ^^-

14. When you feel happy?

-When I am at the recording. and when I'm not doing anything...-

15. If you didn't become a musician, what do you think you would be doing at this time?


16. Something popular among the members...?

-hmm...talking about cooking. ^^ -

17. If you could have 3 wishes come true, what would you ask for?

-Never get fat even if I eat too much everyday.
Want to have a super power.
Choose and change my face everyday just like choosing what to wear.-

18. How you spend your days off?

-Just relax. Read and write.-

19. What would you say to yourself 10 years from now?

-Go slow. Just take it easy.-

20. Do you have some funny experiences in a band?

-Oh, there are too many and I can't tell them at once...
Everybody is funny...-

24. How you relieve stress when you are overwhelmed?

-Take a nap.-

22. Out of your own songs, the one that you like the most...

-Give It Away-

23. What has been on your mind / worried you recently?

-I eat a lot so I was little worried to get big. lol-

24. Something others say about you that makes you happy...

-When they tell me that they smile or laugh with reading emails from me.^^
I am happy if they are happy.-

25. Do you have favorite motto?

-Believe what you do and never give up.-

26. The interview is over... in conclusion... Do you have a message for your fans? ^^

-I want to thank every body. I am nothing without you! ^^-